105 Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers: A Comprehensive Guide (Ebook)

Download our 2019 ebook edition - Winter driving tips for truck drivers

Download our 2019 ebook edition - Winter driving tips for truck drivers

It is official: Winter has truly begun. It’s beautiful and magical.

But it’s also deathly and dangerous.

We know trucking in the winter months can be fatal if drivers don’t take proper precautions. Safety managers would concur that precautions should span every aspect of the journey in winter - pre-trip, post-trip and during trips.

So, we collated the most-important safe driving tips for winter - in an easy-to-read format, so drivers can be prepared for any eventuality.

The comprehensive winter safety manual for truck drivers consists of 105 precautionary measures and is expansive in its depth and breadth - covering topics such as black ice, sleet, avoiding skids, braking without ABS.

The 38-pager on safe winter driving tips is the only manual you need this winter season,


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In this ebook we cover precautionary measure and information related to:

  • Checking the battery

  • Checking tires

  • Chains

  • Correcting A skid

  • Curves and steering

  • Driving on hills

  • Fifth wheel lubrication

  • Following distance

  • Importance of lights

  • Lane changes

  • Windows and mirrors

  • Muffler and exhaust system

  • On-trip safety

  • Reduced ability to see and be seen

  • Stopping safely without ABS Brakes

  • Understand the risks

  • Unloading heavy loads

  • And much more.

Do write to us at support@noticeboard.tech if you need help in disseminating this information to drivers in an easy manner.

Have a safe festive season, folks!