A Trainer’s guide: 5-Week Onboarding Content Plan for truck drivers

Proper driver onboarding is key to better productivity and driver retention

Proper driver onboarding is key to better productivity and driver retention

In our last article about best practices during onboarding, we shared that more than 65% of turnover happens in just first 13 weeks of work. And what would solve for this? Content.

However, there’s another aspect of the solution we didn’t expose you to. We will endeavour to do that here. Content amounts to nothing if it is not delivered in the right format to the right people.

If expect a 10-year-old to thoroughly enjoy Feynman lecture, chances are, the kid would doze off almost immediately.

The scenario with truck drivers is not too different as well.

After extensive conversations, experiments and lots of learning - here’s what we found out - The trick here is in presenting the engaging content in the right formats. Let’s tackle the format issue first:

Replace long-form text with more visual formats

What most definitely does not work for truck drivers is employee handbooks. Sharing a 20-page pdf/handbook for the drivers that talks about policies, protocols, and regulations of the company may seem like an effective way to deliver information, but it has proven to be otherwise.

To make it more effective and fresh, play around with visual formats - the read rate on a graphic every day with 2 lines of text is higher than that for a whole piece of pdf.

See the difference here:

What works better? And which format do you think shall be accepted by the drivers in a better manner?
We'll let you decide that one. 

Here’s another example:


This strategy can be useful for highlighting the importance of policies and mentioning them to the point. The graphic very clearly mentions the list of the intakes that are illegal during or before work.

The various attributes of the DOT compliance can also be addressed through this - the repercussions, the alcohol limit, etc.

Furthermore, these policies can be interlinked with safety procedures to generate better content that is more contextual to the truck drivers.

Organizing such content in proper formats can be a challenge, but it is a one-time investment, that keeps on giving.

If ALL your drivers are readily able to recall the 5 substances they must avoid at all costs - instead of not remembering things in bits and pieces - that’s a huge win for your team.

Use videos to train them on technology

Videos are powerful. They take time to be produced, but the good news is, there are a ton of easy tools online that you can start using right away! Why videos, you ask? Well, when you are training an individual on something, videos have a higher memory recall and reduces the number of doubts to be addressed later on.

Use comic strips to motivate and train them on conversation

Comics never grow old. They are an effective way of conveying goals, strategies, communication standards, and conversational etiquettes to the drivers that ultimately shoots up the productivity.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 1.14.19 PM.png

Now that we’ve shown the format, let’s look at how to engage drivers with your content.

Use polls to increase engagement and extract information

Using a communication platform that helps you with polls can prove to be major game changer in engagement during onboarding. It can be used to take updates on paperwork, whether they were approached by the maintenance team, whether their accounts are settled and so forth.

Example of a poll from the Noticeboard App

Example of a poll from the Noticeboard App

The information extracted from the polls can further be used to send out text messages to the filtered audience. This reduces the workload during onboarding.

Message sent out to drivers based on the data extracted from polls

Message sent out to drivers based on the data extracted from polls

Sending out quizzes to test their knowledge on policies and equipment training

Quizzes helps you spot knowledge gaps..And adults love quizzes - that sense of validation they get from “knowing” something is a huge engagement booster.

Quiz created for drivers to test them on Anti-harassment and coercion policy on Noticeboard!

Quiz created for drivers to test them on Anti-harassment and coercion policy on Noticeboard!

Share key information on-the-go:

If you want to engage them, you need to make your self available to them.

For example, tell them who’s their SPOC (special point of contact) in each department - Whom do they approach when they have their sensors going off or cooling system not working? Keep them updated with the contacts to approach using text messages at least for the first 5 weeks of joining.

A text message sent out from the maintenance department to keep a check

A text message sent out from the maintenance department to keep a check

The ‘Tip of the day’ strategy

Safety tips poster for truck drivers

Safety tips poster for truck drivers

 Instead of bombarding them with the DO’s and DONT’s all at once, send out relevant tips at regular intervals.

It takes them less than 20 seconds to read, but has enormous benefits. And when this happens regularly, they expect safety-related information to land on their inbox and make it a point to go through it everyday.

And here comes the interesting part:

So far, we’ve covered formats and essentials of engaging content for your drivers. We realize it must be a challenge for you to overhaul your existing system to think in a radically new direction. So we’ve created a detailed timetable for your benefit.

A full 5-week onboarding content plan - designed specifically for training teams of trucking firms. The document has a 5-week Onboarding content plan that you can use for tracking the effectiveness of your process.

Here’s a snapshot of what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.54.14 PM.png

Every week, a concept is covered in a detailed manner - as shown by this snapshot of a time table. You can download the full version here.

While execution may seem fairly daunting, you should remember that you have help at hand. Noticeboard will help you create and schedule content specific to the needs of your company mandates. We do this because we believe the initial effort has long-term dividends that directly translates to better productivity and retention.

In addition to creating content, Noticeboard allows you to automate your content delivery process, taking the burden off your shoulders. With custom features like boards, polls, quizzes, personalized messaging, multimedia sharing, back-end support for teams, push notifications and an integrated service that push for compliance and operational efficiency, we make onboarding faster, simpler and more effective for your management.

For further details regarding our products and services, contact us at patricia@noticebrd.tech