Top Apps for Truckers in 2018

Top apps that truckers and owners can use to simplify their everyday ops

Top apps that truckers and owners can use to simplify their everyday ops

This is a comprehensive list because it’s wishful thinking that any “one” app can do everything for the US trucking industry.

A decade ago, the CB radio was the popular method of communicating with other drivers, for checking weather conditions, or just catching up with other truckers. Soon after, mobile phones took over. Today, one can find apps to simplify a very tasks, no matter how specific they are. Technology cannot take away the rigors of work but, it can definitely make us more efficient.

A recent study covering 6,000 truckers found the most popular uses of the mobile phone apps were in

•    Keeping track of their business-57%

•    To schedule and acquire loads-37%

•    Acquiring information on traffic conditions, fuel prices and weather conditions-33%

•    Staying connected with friends, family and loved ones-20%

•    The lack of need to carry their laptops on the trucks-20%

With this information at the backdrop, the apps most used in the trucking business are discussed below, describing what they actually do. The apps are readily available on Google Play Store, iTunes and Android.

Apps for Truck Drivers in the United States

  • GasBuddy helps in saving truckers save on  fuel prices by sharing allowing them to share information across United States. A trucker can now check the next fuel stop prices, availability of showers and food etc. before they complete their journey.

  • BigRoad allows truckers to improve their log book calculations by automatically estimating time of arrival based on the driver’s hours of service and functions as the trucker- log-book. It also provides information on truck stops, weigh stations, and other trucker-friendly places, especially for long-haul trucking.

  • CoPilot Truck GPS keeps the driver safe and is a voice-activated app providing legal and safe route maps that are downloadable and available to the driver even when the cell phone has no signal.

  • Waze, a social community app is used by truckers to help each other save time; share updates on fuel prices, alert other drivers about the law enforcement presence, and traffic conditions.

  • The Truck Stops GPS – Road Hunter helps truckers plan and find the next parking slot, fuel stop, fuel prices, restaurants, weigh stations and severe weather at the destination.

  • iExit uses the built-in GPS location tracker of the smartphone to track the next exit, the facilities near it like WiFi, restaurants, hotels, parking status and much more.

  • Trucker Path pro is a very versatile app with a host of beneficial tools like allowing communication with peers, finding truck stops, showers, rest-areas, truck parking and advance booking of slots, weather, weigh stations, GPS, fuel prices, truck wash locations, hotels, and restaurants.

  • NOAA Weather Radio is an app from a network of weather stations allowing truckers to view current and forecasted temperatures, humidity information, chances of rain, wind speed and direction at their current location and between load destinations.  

  • The Weather Channel app allows access to real-time weather conditions and forecasts on hourly, 15day, monthly, weekend forecasts, lightning, pollen, breaking news etc. The truckers can personalize their settings and preferences.

  • FleetSafer allows the driver to focus on the road by silencing incoming calls, alerts, notifications etc. by automatically sending out a message that the driver is busy and will get back when off-road.

  • tpMobile tracks driver activity keeping a record of the service logs, carrier risk scorecard, speed, driver productivity, fuel consumption of the truck and much more. It meets the mandates of the FMCSA and DOT as a tracking record for easier operations management and fleet management.

  • uShip app allows trucking companies, freight companies, and small fleet owner-operators to bid on loads. The app provides real-time alerts if a load requires shipping and the companies can bid with their prices and shipping times.

  • Transflo permits the scanning of documents required to be sent to the driver or business making payments to the drivers a lot easier and more efficient.

  • Fuelbook compares truck-stop gas prices nationwide and helps trucking fleets and operators find the best prices on diesel, the truck stops and their parking status in the United States and Canada.

  • The Cost Per Mile app tracks trucking costs and includes total miles driven, income earned, expenses incurred both variable and fixed allowing the driver estimate cost per mile.

  • The Trucker Tools app has a load tracker, online magazine and a message forum allowing access to information on rest stops, weather and truck stops.

  • Noticeboard is a platform used by both truckers and owners. It works at both a macro and micro level with the goal to prevent on-road violations and attrition. Here’s how:

    • With regular truck driving training and quizzes, it improves compliance and makes drivers cognisant of violations.

    • Employers build a robust driver community with Noticeboard, nurturing relationships and career paths.

    • An inbuilt ability to broadcast incentives for the week, check HR compliance, Noticeboard helps reduce friction in the company, allowing them to come a step closer to the near 0-attrition rate.

Even with adequate truck driver training, life on the road is stressful. It requires extended periods of focused driving, oftentimes in a harsh weather and on tight schedules. All the while being away from home for extended times. With a combination of initiatives by the ATA to improve employee relations and employee benefits, these apps surely will simplify life for both truckers and owner-operators.